Hello and Welcome!

I am Chrissie and in this blog, I write about my travels to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As of October 2023, there are 1,199 properties on the list. So, sadly, I probably wont manage to visit them all. Unless I win the lottery, of course, and start travelling full-time. (A girl can dream, right?)
However, I refuse to give up and will continue to visit as many World Heritage sites as I can on limited funds.

Why write about UNESCO World Heritage sites?

The places and sights listed by UNESCO as World Heritage are just amazing and all kinds of wonderful; they are extremely diverse and everyone will be able to find a site (or a hundred) that interests them and which they like. There are breathtaking natural habitats, beautiful artefacts, amazing architecture, early human settlements, whole town centres that are not only lovely but also of historical and cultural importance, industrial heritage, themes and related sites which span various countries, you name it. Believe me, there is a World Heritage site for everyone.

Why should you read my blog?

It is my aim to add a personal perspective. I very much hope this blog provides added value to just gathering information by doing a quick web search on the history and location of a site.

How is the blog structured?

The actual Blog page lists all posts, irrespective of category or tags, chronologically.

You can also filter your search by selecting the main categories via the menu: Europe, Asia & Australasia, Africa & Middle East, Americas. The blog posts are then further categorised by country tags and tags indicating whether the post reports on a cultural site, a natural site or a detour (a cool place near a World Heritage site I visited).

Plans for the future?

Apart from the existing categories, I am also thinking of something along the lines of Eat, Sleep, Move, to provide information on good places to eat and drink, amazing accommodation and travel options I enjoyed.

Being an avid reader with a special fondness for travel literature, I may also start a category with reviews of my favourite travel literature and expedition reports.

Living in Europe and with travelling generally being rather expensive, the blog will be a little Euro-centric at first. Hopefully I’ll be able to travel further afield sometime soon, as well. Another plan is to make the site bilingual, if I can ever find the time to translate everything into German.

Get in touch

In case you have any questions or suggestions for World Heritage sites I should visit, please email me chrissie(at)worldheritage-blog.com or leave comment. I look forward to hearing from you!

PS: Please note that this is a personal travel blog. My objective is to inspire you to visit World Heritage sites, but I am not a traveller’s agent and cannot book your trip for you.