Hello and Welcome!

I am Chrissie, 40 years old, and in this blog, I write about my travels to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.* Please note that this is a personal travel blog.

The idea that cultural and natural heritage needs to be preserved and kept accessible is very important, in my opinion; I would like to help spread the word about those sites and hopefully my impressions can motivate more people to visit World Heritage Sites and help preserve them.
(I’ll abbreviate the sites as WHS, btw.) Writing this blog, it is my aim to add a personal perspective. Rather than just give the facts about the sites, how to get there etc., I want to provide you with more personal impressions – thus offering an added value to, say, just gathering information by doing a quick google search on the history and location. Hopefully, my blog shows why I love visiting those sites.

Funnily, I have visited a larg-ish number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites without being aware that I was doing so: Throughout Europe, for instance, there are quite a few historic city centres that hold WHS status, and when you visit you don’t always find out at once. I started to actively try to incorporate WHS into my travels only a few years ago, and must say that so far, I have liked all the sites. Some have more Wow-factor than others, but I expect tastes to differ in any case.

In this blog, I categorise by continent and then further differentiate by country and whether a site is cultural, industrial or natural heritage. I am also planning to add a category for detours, if there are other nice sights or excursions near a WHS I visited (fully aware that most people would consider the WHS a detour from their regular holiday…). Apart from those categories, I am also thinking of something along the lines of ‘Eat, Drink, Sleep’, so that I can also let you know if I come across any nice places to eat, drink or sleep.

Living in Europe and with travels generally being expensive, the blog will be a little Euro-centric at first. I’ll soon be adding more blog posts on WHS in Asia and Australasia – I need to get photos digitised first – and hopefully I’ll then be able to travel to Africa and America, as well, sometime soon.

In case you have any questions or suggestions for WHS I should visit,  please email me or leave comment. I look forward to hearing from you!

In case you are a representative of a WHS, a touristic region, hotel or such and interested in cooperating with me for a research trip, please see my page Cooperations & Research Trips.


* Link to the official UNESCO World Heritage website